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Did You Know the Following Advantages and Benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor?

Functional Advantages

  • Various Sheens and levels of aggregate exposure.

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  • Harder, more abrasion resistant than most other floor finishes.

  • No risk of pealing, flaking, or delamination.

  • Eliminates need of moisture treatment needed for many finished floors.

  • Resists tire marks from forklift and other mechanical traffic.

Economic Advantages

  • Lowest 10-year life cycle cost of all flooring options.

  • Lower initial installation cost from other floor finishes.

  • One-time application with minimal maintenance.

Environmental Advantages

  • LEED credits available for Green/LEED projects.

  • No VOCs or odors during application.

  • No topical coatings, urethanes, or waxes applied.

Concrete Surface Assessments

1. 5 x 5 Grid to determine variations.

2. Used to determine average depth.

3. Estimate material within bags!

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Polished Concrete Gallery

Certified Installers & Associations

David Allen Company won 5 of the 16 National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) Honor Awards for 2017

“From a design architect’s perspective, we were very pleased with the overall craftsmanship and quality of the poured terrazzo floors by David Allen Company at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Even though the scope of the floor finish was extensive and the pattern complex, David Allen Company was quite successful in fulfilling our design intentions.”Mark Shoemaker, Principal
Pelli Clark Pelli Architects, New Haven, Connecticut