Coverings Installation & Design Awards


Hotel Bennett,

Charleston, SC

With the use of ceramic, porcelain and glass tile as well as natural stone, marble, limestone and quartz solid surface material, all 100,000 square feet of this installation required dedication, planning and finesse so that the final product would be one that surpassed all expectations.

The creative design teams and owner envisioned a building that would hold its historic value for many years to come. It once stood as the mid-century Charleston Library and west wing of The Citadel Academy. Since the grand opening in January 2019, Hotel Bennett has taken on new life with a classic European design. One highlight of the project is Cameillia’s Champagne Bar; inspired by a Fabergé egg. Plans deviated from a traditional square shaped room to a space designed to appeal to the more feminine side of life, complete with a gorgeous oval marble countertop that was reclaimed and restored from the library cladding. An intricate floor pattern and chandelier lighting compliment the architectural finishes in a most tasteful way.