Terrazzo Technical Information

Statistics from many long-standing trade group and agency studies bear out time and again the superior life-cycle cost benefits Terrazzo offers.

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National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association — NTMA
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A. Installer Qualifications: An installer who is a contractor member of NTMA.

B. Source Limitations for Aggregates: Obtain each color, grade, type, and variety of granular materials from one source with resources to provide materials of consistent quality in appearance and physical properties.

C. NTMA Standards: Comply with NTMA's "Terrazzo Specifications and Design Guide" and with written recommendations for terrazzo type indicated unless more stringent requirements are specified.

D. Mockups: Build mockups to verify selections made under sample submittals and to demonstrate aesthetic effects and set quality standards for materials and execution.

1. Build mockups for terrazzo including accessories.

a. Size: Minimum 100 sq. ft. of typical poured-in-place flooring condition for each color and pattern in locations directed by Architect.

2. Approved mockups may become part of the completed Work if undisturbed at time of Substantial Completion.

E. Preinstallation Conference: Conduct conference at Project site.

1. Review methods and procedures related to terrazzo including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Inspect and discuss condition of substrate and other preparatory work performed by other trades.

b. Review and finalize construction schedule and verify availability of materials, Installer's personnel, equipment, and facilities needed to make progress and avoid delays.

c. Review special terrazzo designs and patterns.

d. Review dust-control procedures.

e. Review weather and forecasted weather conditions and procedures for coping with unfavorable conditions.