Terrazzo — A Performing Art

Statistics from many long-standing trade group and agency studies bear out time and again the superior life-cycle cost benefits terrazzo offers. David Allen Company has won more Honor Awards from the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) for Quality Workmanship than all the other Terrazzo contractors in the Southeastern United States combined!

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Some of the factors that outweigh the initial installed cost of terrazzo are:

David Allen Company
  • Lowest annual maintenance costs
  • Life expectancy of over 40 years
  • A floor system as beautiful as it is efficient
  • Lowest cumulative forty-year cost of all commercial floor finishes, using installed cost, annual maintenance and replacement cost
The David Allen Company has installed more than 50 million square feet of terrazzo.
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The Terrazzo Division is a turnkey operation supported by a full staff of office personnel with expertise in the preparation of shop drawings, submittals, waterjet cutting, and special fabrication and design, as well as all necessary equipment and vehicles.

Let David Allen Company assist you in selecting the best and most cost-efficient flooring system for your next installation.