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Vickie Wilson – Designer and Artist

Vickie Wilson, Staff Artist

Vickie Wilson, Staff Artist

My role at David Allen Company allows me to meet with design professionals and discuss ways we can help them get the best impact for their projects. To inspire architects, designers and owners, we utilize several powerful tools. Our headquarters building is our showroom used to display the artistic capability of tile, stone and terrazzo. Another tool is our team of talented and experienced people at every level. We have a well equipped shop where we can explore and create custom designs. Our waterjet machine is used to cut logos, emblems and artistic elements for commercial and residential applications.

If you want to enter the “WOW” zone and brainstorm with creative people passionate about our product, give us a call and come for a memorable field trip. Beginning with communication and ending with quality installation, our goal is to bring uncommon beauty and visual excitement to today’s construction industry. The possibilities we offer the design community are virtually unlimited.

Samantha Wilson – Fabrication Assistant and Designer

Samantha Wilson, Fabrication Assistant and Designer

Samantha Wilson, Staff Artist

My involvement with David Allen Company centers around the fabrication department. I assist with office paperwork, quotes, artwork and assembling terrazzo strip designs in the warehouse. Our David Allen design team often works with artwork and logos brought in by clients. We take those images and adapt them to a layout that will be applicable to terrazzo, tile or stone designs. We also have the ability to create custom designs or logos based on ideas or themes. Working on the design team is a challenging task as we are constantly pushing our capabilities to further change and expand how we see tile, stone and terrazzo as art forms.

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