David Allen Company History

David G. Allen

David G. Allen, Company Founder

National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association Award

The original David Allen Company building in the 1930's.

Much of the David Allen Company's success through the years has hinged on Allen's original passion for superior craftsmanship — the mark of which is found on projects the company has undertaken throughout the U.S.

Many of the company's craftsmen are second and third-generation employees at their art, while many of its contractor customers have been doing business with the company for 50–75 years. Says Roberson, "We are now doing business with the third generation — the grandchildren of construction company founders I first met in the '50s."

Company Timeline

David G. Allen opened the doors of his new company in Raleigh, NC soliciting work in tile, marble, masonry, and terrazzo installations.

Allen brought master stone craftsmen to Raleigh from their native Italy to train local craftsmen.

late 1940's
The firm wins an award for craftsmanship at North Carolina State University's newly constructed Reynolds Coliseum.

The company begins its expansion beyond local projects to cities and projects throughout the southeast.

Robert Roberson joins the firm.

Allen names Roberson the firm's general manager.

The firm is incorporated and Roberson becomes owner and president.

Employees mourn the death of the company's founder.

With more than 200 employees, the David Allen Company reflects on more than 75 years of history and enjoys its reputation as the nation's largest tile, marble, and terrazzo contracting firm.

Roberson becomes Chairman of the Board and CEO. Don Scott, who has been with the company for 30 years, becomes president.