David Allen Company Headquarters

David Allen Corporate Headquarters

It was the owners' intent not only to feature these materials, but also to use them in a manner that would be an appropriate enhancement of their building. Special emphasis was placed on the creative uses of the marble and granite. Visitors to David Allen Company can view not only the traditional utilitarian functions of stone, but can also have their imaginations fired by highly artistic, decorative, and often dazzling applications. Altogether 67 different stones from 27 countries were used.

The David Allen Company Stone Fabrication Shop, which includes a water jet machine, was the first building completed in the three-building headquarters complex in order to accommodate the ten-month stone fabrication and installation process.

Vickie Wilson, David Allen Company staff artist, is responsible for much of the creative and artistic designs and, in some cases, the actual making of the mosaics. In each case, mosaic or water jet design, Vickie created a full size, full color painting, then selected each stone color to match the painting for the outer mosaic in the rotunda, She spent two weeks in Turkey supervising the actual making of the mosaic only to conclude that, after 40 percent completion, her quality requirements were not achievable at that source.

The David Allen Company was established in 1920 by David Allen, a master craftsman. Robert Roberson, the current CEO, was employed by David Allen in 1957. In 1967, he purchased the company. David Allen Company operates nationally with a concentration in the Southeast. The headquarters office is located in Raleigh, NC, with branch offices in Washington, DC, South Florida, Columbia, SC and Birmingham, AL. The company has been the recipient of many national awards for its exceptional work.
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